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| OKLAO Specialty Coffee |

Oklao Specialty Coffee is the only coffee chain in Taiwan that manages its own coffee farms to produce and sell its own grown coffee. 

Oklao upholds the highest standard by monitoring every detail and every step in order to present to you the perfect cup of  specialty coffee at reasonable prices without exploitation by any middleman.

To obtain the best and most sought after coffee beans, we actively participate in coffee bidding auctions. Moreover, in spite of higher costs, we use climate-controlled shipping to transport the coffee back to Taiwan where it is again stored in a climate-controlled warehouse. Besides, we have Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Q Grader-certified Cuppers and Roasters who will hold repeated discussions and perform cupping on each batch. To be an SCAA Licensed Q Grader, one would have to complete training and tests similar to the SCAA Cupping Judge program in addition to a general knowledge exam, resulting in a stringent professional accreditation. As part of our quality assurance, only the world champion coffee roasting curve is employed in roasting, with the coffee manually packed into sealed bags that are each individually equipped with a breathable valve. This finally culminates in its delivery to coffee lovers like yourself. 

Besides having our own coffee farms, we have bean hunters located in every part of the world searching for good coffee. There are coffee estates in Panama and Costa Rica that have contracted with us and bean processing factories in Costa Rica that work with us. Furthermore, we trade for specialty coffee beans with bean traders across the world, offering basic commercialized beans of up to a hundred different varieties.


Discover Oklao and taste the different coffee flavours of the world. It will definitely be unforgettable for a coffee lover like yourself.