1. Freshly made

All the roasted beans sold are in their prime period for tasting, to ensure the freshness and quality of the beans.


2. Roasting 

Our beans are assessed rigorously by researchers who hold the "CQI Q Grader" license and are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America ("SCAA"). 


3. Greatest variety of coffee in whole of Taiwan

 Our professional team scours all parts of the world in search of the best quality beans. New beans are added regularly to Oklao's list of offerings.


4. Quality control

We retain a sample of every batch of coffee beans to perform cupping analysis. All beans are 100% natural without any added flavorings or additives.

3 Degrees of Roasting to Perfection


We have a large procurement network of specialty coffee beans all across the world. On top of that, our Cuppers work tirelessly to find the best degree of roast for each type of coffee. Thus we are able to bring out the best flavors in each coffee.


Medium Light Roast (acidic, fruity floral, layered)

World champion roast - Medium Light Roast Curve

In the recent half decade, the global trend in coffee roasting has moved away from dark roasts towards lighter roasts. While Medium Light Roast is an extremely light style of roast, it requires a measured pace in the roasting process. The intensity of the fire is at maximum right down to the second before the first crack, at which point the fire is turned down or off, so that the important stage of first crack follows a measured pace and the beans completely caramelize. This is also known as the Maillard reaction, which helps to express the unique flavors that characterize the coffee.


Medium Dark Roast (slightly acidic, clean, layered, rich and sweet aroma)

Coffee lovers' recommendation - Coffee amateurs' top choice

Adheres to the standard for dark roast, with an obvious caramelizing effect. Its acidity can go unnoticed but not its distinct sweetness, and turns full-bodied on the palate.